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Many years of experience in Internet & Computer Technology, Design, Marketing, and Sales have proven to be a solid foundation for this company and quite necessary, considering that our involvement with many of our clients goes far beyond their website; from marketing questions to software recommendations and equipment trouble shooting.


And, while we thoroughly enjoy the technical end of things, we are also very serious about keeping it personal and keeping it real - by offering you quality web page design, web hosting, SEO personal customer service, and affordable rates.


Our main service areas are:



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What do we mean by Custom Programming?


In our case, custom programming refers to programming required to run your website (server side programming). It includes applications to administer your website and applications to display your website. We do not offer programming for applications installed on your computer terminals or network (client side programming). An example of client side programming would be accounting software.


We try to do most of our client project's programming in-house. Occasionally, either time line or the complexity of the project requires for the programming job to be handled by someone else. In those cases, we call upon one of two excellent programmers (working in PHP and ASP, respectively) whom we have successfully worked with for years. Both these gentlemen are highly qualified, reliable, and share our general philosophies.


We do NOT outsource your website projects  for offshore development.


Reliable web hosting is a MUST for your online presence. So is a stable email server. We provide that and much more. Our hosting packages give you access to your own control panel with many do-it-yourself options, vital statistics about your site's performance and information about your visitors, email at your domain, database management tools, video tutorials, and outstanding support.

Most of our hosting clients have been with us for many years. Yes, there are constantly companies popping up who offer cheaper web hosting. We frequently see them disappear overnight, too - along with all of their clients' web sites. Beware of companies advertising 'unlimited' disk space or bandwidth. It is certainly notunlimited (try and find the fine print) and the overall speed and performance often suffer.


Our web hosting rates for commercial accounts start at $18.95/month (paid annually) and include unlimited support. Not unlimited disk space or bandwidth (that's just silly) - but unlimited support.

Support is where we excel and what truly sets us apart from others.



Search engine optimization focuses on your website being coded and presented in such a way, that search engine robots can view and understand it. Once visited, your site will be added to a search index, and then included in search results. Learn more about SEO on the following pages:




Web Design has changed a great deal over the last 10 years. What used to be mainly a graphic design and HTML job is becoming more and more data base programming and customization of ready-made website applications. This doesn't mean that artistic presentation has to or should suffer, though. While usability, mobile access and being optimized for search engines are important, you'll only get to make a first impression once.


Because we approach every project on an individual basis, with custom designs and applications and corresponding to each client's needs and expectations, no two web sites designed by GAWD Productions are quite the same. And, while we will make suggestions and put forth ideas, you have complete control over the development of your website.


We invite you to explore the process and available options for designing and developing your website: