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One of THE most important purchases you will make for your business is your domain name. Ideally, this is a 'one and done' deal.

Do spend some time selecting and researching the future web address of your business and website. Make it as short as possible, so people will be able to remember it. Write or type it out. See how it fits and looks on a business card. Hyphenate to break it up if that makes sense. You don't have to necessarily use your company name; you could use your industry or an important keyword, instead.

You can purchase more than one extension and have them all point to the same website. Still, the most popular extension is .com. Of course, if your business is in Canada, a .ca extension makes sense, too. 

Where can you register your domain name?

There are hundreds upon hundreds of sites where you can check availability of your desired domain name and purchase. In reality, though, there are only a handfull of domain registrars. Those hundreds of websites selling domain names are resellers. While you may find some amazing deals - usually for the first year or two - in the long term it makes sense to go with a company that provides good support. One of those is GoDaddy. If ever there is a need to request help with something, they are easy to get a hold of and generally very helpful.

You can register your domain name yourself, or you can give us a call and we'll do it for you.