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We have worked with Joomla! CMS for many years now and found a number of invaluable extensions to make our (and your) job so much easier. Below is a 'must have' list of extensions we will include with every Jooma! installation. Most of them are commercial extensions, but we make them available to you at no additional cost.


  • JCE Editor - Upgraded text editor
    JCE Mediabox - Create both image and content popups in lightbox - 2 clicks!
    JCE Filemanager - Upload files (PDF, Word, etc.) and insert link on one screen!
    JCE Mediamanager - Upload and/or insert Flash, Youtube, Vimeo videos - super easy!

  • Sourcerer
    A plug in for the content editor to allow more advanced users to insert PHP or javascript code

  • Simple Image Gallery Pro
    Creating a photo gallery is as simple as referencing an image folder

  • ProForms
    Creating elaborate forms - made easy

  • Advanced Module Manager (Joomla! 3.x)
    Many more options to display/hide modules

  • JSE Mega Menu
    Fully mobile ready menu, modules in menu, and more


Additionally, we urge you to consider RSFirewall to secure your Joomla! website. There is an annual $50 charge.