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What is Content Management?

Content Management Systems allow you to maintain your website yourself. You use your usual browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) to log into your website and off you go editing, adding, deleting your content, uploading images, videos, etc.  If you can find your way around a program like Microsoft Word, you can do this, too. There are a few great advantages to this type of website:


  • Once set up, there are NO maintenance costs for you. No invoices for updates and no waiting. You will make your own changes in 'real time'.
  • You can make changes to your site anytime and from anywhere. From your own laptop, tablet, or other mobile device while sitting by the pool sipping margueritas, or using your cousin's dinosaur of a desktop computer in the back room at the family reunion. There is no software to install - if you have access to the Internet and a browser- you're in business.
  • Expand your website down the road. Much easier and quicker - read less costly.


Are there disadvantages?

The initial set up cost is quite a bit higher than that of a static website. Mind you, you will make that difference back over time, since there are no more maintenance costs.


What about Design? Those sites all look the same!

Thankfully, content management systems have evolved a great deal since their introduction. There is little that is impossible to do with templates, nowadays. Have a look at our WebDesign Portfolio. Look for the CMS section and you'll see a variety of web sites that really look nothing like an out-of-the-box type program.


And, don't search engines have trouble with database-driven sites?

Again, that's a thing of the past. Yes, when content management systems came out originally, they did not fare well with search engines. Today, we can pretty much guarantee that your site will rank just as well as a tratidional HTML site, using the same SEO principals we have used and continue to use on static web sites.

Page summary: Content management website design services for small businesses in Sudbury, Timmins, Manitoulin, the Bruce Peninsula, Owen Sound, Orangeville, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto & Niagara.