So, we've established what SEO is and why it is important. Or, have we?


Let's have a look at an example: Hawkeye Bird Control Inc.
Yes, Hawkeye is one of our clients. And yes, we've spend a huge amount of time on SEO. But it was worth it.


For argument's sake (and, really because they ARE pretty much the only ones who count these days) we will focus primarily on Google.


Hawkeye is a bird and animal control company. If you have a big pigeon problem on the roof of your store, or your backyard is the place to be for the annual raccoon family reunion - this is who you'd call. But, unless you've already heard of Hawkeye - how are you going to find them? Easy, of course. You'd open your browser and google "Bird control". You'd probably get companies from Arizona, Florida, and the British Isles. So, you should narrow down your search to, let's say, "Bird control in Canada". Since the word "in" is too common, it will be omitted and you can safely leave it out.


And, this is what you'll see:

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control is in the first and second 'organic' search result. Organic here means 'not paid for'. The light yellow area are paid ads and so are the listings in the right column.


That's number one and two out of 1,230,000 websites - world wide. Admittedly, this isn't going to work as well for every client, or even every search term. We'll see this in the next example.

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Now, that we've shooshed the birds off your roof, let's deal with your little raccoon party in the backyard. Again, we'll assume you've never heard of Hawkeye, so you'll probably do a search for 'raccoon control in canada'.


Let's see what we'll get:

Number seven now. Not as great, but still within the first 10 results (on the first page - and that's what we're aiming for).


What's interesting here is, that there are only 32,200 results in total. So, how come, we're not doing nearly as well as we did with the birds? The only explanation that makes sense is the company name. We have "Bird Control" in the company name at the top and bottom of every page.

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Alright, after all those animal problems, you've decided to blow this Popsicle stand and move to Buffalo, N.Y. Now you're looking for a legal expert in immigration matters. So, let's search for "US Immigration Lawyer Buffalo"...



Number one and two of the organic search results show Berardi Immigration Law. Yes, also a client of ours. In a highly competitive market, too.


So, you see, it CAN be done. Now, keep in mind that the top 3-5 results can switch around depending on which day, sometimes even what time of day, you conduct your search. Google (and we're only looking at Google in these exercises) has 6 or more data centers and each of them may vary just slightly. You could be doing your search right now, and so could we - and we could technically come up with slightly different results.


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Page Summary: Explaining search and search results (organic search, sponsored results, ads) using examples of clients in Canada and the United States.