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Custom Web Design Northern Ontario


Sounds daunting, doesn't it?

Naaah, just your average 12-Step Program :)

New clients often wonder how this is going to work - without meeting in person. It works quite well, actually. There really isn't any need to meet face to face (not, that we wouldn't like to and do, when logistics permit) - we will get a pretty good sense of where you intend to go with your website by using this process.

Since 2003, we have run our business while tucked away in the woods - and still, many of our new clients hail from the Toronto area, or even from as far away as New York and Germany. So, we've got these 'long distance relationships' down to a T.


Let's have a look then, at who does what and how it works


  1. You contact us and we discuss what it is you are looking for.
    Chances are, you may not be exactly sure what you're looking for. So we will ask you to think about things like who this website is directed at (new clients, existing clients, etc.), what its purpose is (online or offline sales, supplementary information to existing advertising or other materials, educational, etc.), and what features your website should have. Together, we will come up with an objective, a plan, and a price.

  2. We send out a design contract to you,
    along with an invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit of the design project cost.

  3. You sign the contract, and pay the invoice.
    Easy enough.

  4. Now comes the homework part :)
    We ask you to provide us with 3 links of websites you like and 3 links of websites you find awful. And, we ask that you explain what it is you like or don't like about them. Such things could be colour, layout, fonts, images, navigation, etc. Now, these links you send us don't have to have anything to do with your business or industry, or be from our web design portfolio. Anything and everything that rubs you the right or wrong way in your daily travels across the Internet - just copy/paste the link and send it off to us.

    Why, you ask? Because, this will give us a general idea of which direction to take with the design of your website.

  5. More homework for you. Start sending us content!
    Logos, other artwork, images, text in word documents, pdfs, plain text files, or just paste something in an email. Whatever works for you - we're easy.

  6. Now, it's our turn. With what you have provided we will prepare a draft.
    Sometimes, we'll send more than one (mostly, if you've asked for one thing, but we think it really should be another - we'll show you a couple of options and let you make an informed choice).

  7. We discuss the draft(s) we've sent.
    You tell us what you like or don't like and we continue from there. From here on out, you can check on the progress of your site and changes in real time.

  8. With the layout decided, we add your content.
    We may make suggestions in regards to using key phrases or terms in your text and will work with you to get your site ready to be indexed by search engines.

  9. Preparing your site for its 'launch'.
    We do what needs to be done so the search engines can index your new site. Oh... and last minute changes, adjustments, spell-check, etc... now is the time.

  10. We submit your website to various search engines.
    AND we add a link to your site on our website. Since our website gets indexed very frequently, having a link to yours will ensure that your new site will be seen quickly as well.

  11. We send out and you pay the invoice for the balance of the project.
    That's our favourite part!

  12. You happily ride off into the sunset and recommend us to everyone you meet.
    Just kidding. There really is no 12th step :)