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OH EM GEE! I love it!
Of course, I've used Firebug for longer than I care to date myself but for some reason, Google's version is more intuitive, a bit more light weight, and just.. well... awesome! Not only, does it bring you right to your highlighted tag, but it shows you exctly which css files and properties are applied/not applied. It allows you to make changes to css properties, instantly rendering those changes and then lets you either copy/paste a section or just save the whole kid 'n kaboodle so you can upload/overwrite. How cool is that!?

And, yes.. I'm feeling a bit nerdy today. I probably should have issued a geek alert or 'For developers only' disclaimer...Laughing 

Anyways, check it out in more detail at: https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/overview