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Geeez. For years I have been a confirmed non-believer in email campaigns. You know.. the mass mail, toot your own horn, waste someone else's time kinda campaigns. I am a very private person, I value my time, and I assume everyone else feels the same way. Fast forward to last week or so...

I reluctantly sent out an email to all of our clients, announcing the launch of our new website, detailing some of the changes and improvements, etc. And guess what? We've had a TON of responses to that email. Clients saying "Yeah, we've been meaning to do something with our site, we really should, etc..."

Resulting are 3 contracts for re-design projects in the last 4 days. I guess, a well worded and informative email campaign CAN be a good and useful thing. I still wish people wouldn't use it quite so often, though.