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virtuemart 0Whew.
I had skipped working with VM 2.x all together and lemme tell ya... it's a learning curve from the original Virtuemart. 

I still believe that this is one of the most comprehensive shopping carts around (especially with a price tag of $0) but the documentation sucks. Well, it's non existent. At least, for the new Joomla 3.x compatible version. And, while previous versions were well documented, all, or almost all of the Wikis 'n whatnots are no longer relevant.

Again, this is an Open Source Project and the hundreds of developers are devoting and donating their own time. I would happily volunteer to work on documentation, except I haven't even come close to figuring things out yet. In any case, we did manage to put up one Virtuemart 3.x store: www.whhrescue.com/shop 

Go check it out!