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Whoohoo! We've successfully (albeit not without difficulties) upgraded our own site to Joomla! 3.2. I wanted to know what's coming and what is going to be involved when everyone will make the leap (not until the end of next year, mind you). Basically, I had to satisfy my nerdly curiosity...

So, let's have a quick review, then:
The number one thing I ADORE is a new button under Article Admin... "Versions". Remember, when you made changes to an article and screwed something up? The "Uh-Oh" moment when you realized that your working article was history and you were left with some discombobbled nonsense? Well, Joomla! now saves instances of an edited article. Meaning.. if something went wrong, you can roll back to a previous version. Awesome! And.... about time!

I'm coming to really, REALLY like the Protostar template (default template with J3). Understanding the Bootstrap frame work and adjusting overall template width and whatnot takes a bit of getting used to.. but once you got it, this template is a great 'master template'.

I'm not crazy about the whole Dashboard Admin thing but I guess, I can get used to it. There are some annoyances with docked tool bars that you can get around and I will post a more in-depth description of those when I have a bit more time.

Extension Manager - Much like Wordpress plugins, an array of extensions can now be installed directly from the Joomla! Extension Directory - without having to download it and clutter up your hard drive. There aren't a whole lot there yet, but then, this is brand new. By the time the rest of the world will be using J3.x, I'd expect MOST components, modules, and plugins to be installed instantly.

This will have to do for now... more when time permits.