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Do you have some real characters among your clients? We sure do.

Too funny! I came across this blog post from 2009 while (finally!) updating and upgrading our site. I might as well update some of the content here:

  1. Of our named clients below, Dan, Lori, and Stan, 2 have retired. The third is still very much an active client. (That's over 2 decades now).
  2. I no longer complain about troublesome teenagers. Mine have long grown up. It's my grandkids now, who are approaching the dreaded teenage phase.
  3. I still relay horse antics, often followed by "good thing, they don't fit on the BBQ".
  4. We have moved offices THREE times in the past 20 years.
  5. I am still incredibly grateful for every one of our clients. 

Here's the original post:

We've got the demanding sort (hey Dan!), the mildly neurotic (luv ya, Lori - and those are YOUR words), and of course the forever apologetic type (It's ok Stan, really - we'll gladly go over your email setting one more time)...

I' don't know how other people or companies handle the customer relations part but in our case here, most of our clients can almost pass as extended family or frinds. Sounds corny, but it's true. Many of them have been with us for many, many years, some from the very beginning in 2000.

We know about their kids, their spouses, their professional relationships, and their health. And, speaking for myself, I know which operating systems my clients are using and which printer stopped working - AGAIN. We talk about offline marketing, media relations, and a host of other subjects. In turn, my clients know all about which teenage offspring is causing me grief and which one of my horses refused to get on the trailer last weekend.

I guess my point would be, that no matter how difficult a client demand or attitude may be at the time it comes through the phone line or drops into my Inbox - I wouldn't change a thing. Not only do their quirks give me frequent chuckles and make for interesting and sometimes challenging days, but these clients have stuck with me through some rough times. They've been incredibly patient during my months of recovery and rehabilitation from a serious riding accident in 2006, while moving the office TWICE in 10 years, and they have essentially BUILT my business by word of mouth.

I have an awesome bunch of clients and I am grateful for every one of them.