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We've looked at the Administrator Control Panel, which (at least visually) was revamped the most. Now, let's get to added functionality and what that'll do for your website. Number one on the list ought to be Bootstrap. Joomla! 3 is built on Bootstrap framework. I'm not going to bore you to death with technical specs; what this means is that your Joomla 3 website is responsive (mobile ready) out of the box. Except, there's no box Tongue out Personally, I detest the never ending chatter of people on cell phones (you know... at the grocery store, the doctor's office, at a restaurant, even the movie theatre) but if your business is trying to attract customers under the age of 75 - you better get 'mobile'. So, thanks to Bootstrap framework and grid layout templates, your website will expand and collapse according to the viewer's screen size. 

This brings us to Templates. If you like to play with templates yourself, there's a lot of good news for you. Creating a copy of your template to mess around with, is but 2 clicks away. Very handy. Btw, if you make ANY CSS changes (or create new template positions), you should create a copy of the template you are using and make the changes there. Otherwise, your edits will be wiped out with the next Joomla! update. Joomla! still comes with a Beez template.. but the default front end template is Protstar. So far, I have not come across anything I couldn't do with that template. I love this template. 

Let's move on then, to the best new feature as far as usability goes - for you, the administrator of your site. Article Versions. This is something not enabled by default (see our Tutorials for instructions) and you'll have to manually enable it before reaping the rewards. Basically, every time you save an article, a copy of the article at the time you save it, will be stored. So, if you messed up royally and your page turns into gobblygook, you can revert back to your last working copy. Lemme tell ya... it has cut down the cussing during working hours by nearly... well, some. Oh, and from what I'm reading, the Versions feature will eventually also apply to modules. Yesss!

Here are the most notable new features in Joomla 3.x:

 Front End

  • Responsive Design (mobile devices)